Meridius Manina Moxa

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort to facilitate healing. Meridius® moxa comes direct from South Korea, where it is dried for three years before preparation and packaging. This time ensures our moxa will burn at a consistent, controlled temperature every time you use it.

We produce several varieties of moxa tailored to your needs, including direct moxa, stick-on moxa and smokeless moxa, which, unlike other brands, is made of 100% real mugwort. Suitable for any environment, our moxa burns without smoke or odor, and comes in two different strengths: mild, suitable for most treatments, and strong, for enhanced treatment.

Precautions for Direct Moxa Application

When treating children, Moxa must not be allowed to burn down to the skin.
Do not burn moxa on inflamed areas. Select proximal and distal points for inflammation.
Moxa is not recommended for for use on the face.
Do not apply moxa to the lower abdomen of pregnant women.
Do not apply moxa for one hour before or after a hot bath.
Do not apply moxa when intoxicated or on sleep-inducing drugs or narcotics.
Do not apply moxa over large blood vessels.
Do not apply moxa directly over areas of infected skin.
Precautions for stick-on moxa application

Sensation of heat varies depending on individual and location of application. Please find your own suitable level of warmth. Remove immediately from skin if too hot.
Do not use on wet skin. Dry skin thoroughly before application.
Keep out of sunlight and in a cool location.
Keep out of reach of children.
Use heat-shield if necessary to reduce discomfort
Do not touch flame directly to heat shield.


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