Dr Life LX7 Compression Machine

These are made by the world renowned firm Daesung Maref based in South Korea. This firm was established in 1986 and now provides 90% of the sales for IPC machines in the South Korean domestic market and exports to 30 countries worldwide.

With intermittent pneumatic compression the limb is surrounded by an inflatable cuff with several chambers. These are inflated sequentially so that there is a wave of compression travelling up the limb in short bursts.

• Compact and Simple design for home use
• Helps prevent DVT
• Prevents and treats varicose veins
• Lymphoedema
• For paralysis after cerebral infarct (Stroke)
• Poor Venous Return
• Helps to relieve stress for elderly and hospitalised patients
• Restful and calming
• Waist cuff can be used to restore normal bowel function


DL2003 Extension Zipper
DL2004 Waist Cuff
DL2005 Replacement Hose
DL2006 Washable Linings (Pair)
DL2007 Half Pants with High Waist
DL2008 Centre Pants Extension Zipper

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