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Meridius Medical is dedicated to providing practitioners, enthusiasts, athletes, and trainers with the highest quality of health products, research and articles, and online content in the world. That’s because, as practitioners, your health has always been our passion. Your health, and ours, and everyone’s’.

We strive to provide the finest quality integrative health equipment available, for consumer and professional use. 

Meridius Medical Korea is a renowned provider of complementary medicine and physiotherapy supplies, offering its products to the majority of counties around the world.  

Specialised in Cosmetic Acupuncture and Detox needles, Meridius® has over 25 years of continuous research & development experience. Our knowledge, passion, and commitment to detail make us a world leader in innovative products for acupuncture and complementary.

We can supply our products directly from Korea to the rest of the world, but we use our trusted partners to supply European customers.