Meridius® Adapta™ Tape 5cm x 5m

Meridius® ADAPTA™ kinesiology tape is based on research by Dr. Kenzo Kase, whose revolutionary technique combined theories from various medical disciplines, like manual therapy, osteopathy, sports therapy and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Meridius® ADAPTA™ kinesiology tape builds on this solid foundation, supplementing theory with the latest in material science and therapeutic techniques.
Wear it at the gym, on the field, in the pool or in the shower, Meridius® ADAPTA™ tape delivers for up to 4 days.

Meridius® ADAPTA™ Sports Tape helps to:
• Improve circulation in subcutaneous tissue and superficial lymph vessels.
• Stimulate mechanoreceptors, alleviating painful swelling and inflammation.
• Improve circulation in skin, muscles, fascia, and internal organs, promoting rapid recovery
• Optimize athletic performance and motor coordination through heightened proprioception
• Support joint function, flexibility and stability
• Improve posture and coordination

If your last training session left you with stiff muscles and achy joints, a previous injury causes chronic pain and inflammation, your trick knee is acting up – but you tape it up and you keep going, because nothing is going to stop you from doing what you love. For those times when you question yourself, Meridius® ADAPTA™ Kinesiology Tape has got your back. ADAPTA™ tape improves circulation, supports joints, tendons and soft tissues and provides pain-relief where you need it most, and not where you don’t.

Our high-quality materials are water resistant and bilinearly elastic, stretching in one direction, but not the other, which means ADAPTA™ tape moves like your muscles do. Like your skin, ADAPTA™ tape stretches up to 140% of its length, and the high-quality adhesive backing means that you can use it where you need it without compromising a free range of motion.

Material composition
72% cotton, 3% Spandex, 10% acrylic polymers, 15% ethyl acetate

Pack Size: 5cm x 5M.

Available in a variety of different colours.

Available Colours

ME05BL – Blue
ME09YL – Yellow
ME07PK – Pink
ME03BK – Black
ME01BE – Beige
ME14VT – Purple
ME11GR – Green
ME13RD – Red
ME12OR – Orange

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