Meridius Kros Lattice-Shaped Tape

This lattice-shaped, adhesive-backed therapeutic patch works by targeting myofascial trigger-points, or “knots” in the muscular tissues, which often cause far-reaching pain and discomfort.

Kros Tape combines the soothing and restorative power of massage with an unrivalled ease of use and on-the-go sensibility. By applying gentle, constant pressure to specific points, Kros tape helps encourage blood flow, reduce pain and enhance proprioception. The cross hatched shape allows air for circulation and flexibility, and is perfect for difficult to reach points on the feet, back or neck.

Wear it in the gym, on the field, in the pool or in the shower, Meridius® Kros Tape can be worn for up to 4 days without change. Simply peel off the paper backing, apply over the trigger point and your ready to get back to doing what you were doing; living your life.

• Therapeutic pressure to trigger points
• Reduce pain and encourage blood flow
• Long lasting adhesive stays put for days
• Cross hatch design allows breathability
• Water resistant
• Wraps around curves and joints

Available in 3 sizes:

Small 27 x 22mm 9 20
Medium 36 x 28mm 6 20
Large 54 x 44mm 2 20

Available sizes

ME301S – Small
ME301M – Medium
ME301L – Large

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