Far Infrared TDP Lamp

Product Code: HT2033

The TDP Infrared Heating Lamp allows for a more focused approach for healing and pain reduction, so you can target specific areas of the body. It’s designed for use during infrared light therapy, and can be used to help with:

•Muscle pain
•Period pain

Infrared light therapy stimulates the release of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the surrounding area. The blood flow boost brings extra oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue, helping to relieve pain and increase healing.

The TDP lamp has a plate coated with 33 important minerals for the human body. This charged thermal plate gives a spectrum between 2-50 Micro in wavelength, and between 28-34 mw/cm2 intensity. It also gives heat element results in a special form of electromagnetic waves, in which both wavelength and strength are ideal for the human body. As a result, the lamp works like moxa, giving a heating effect to a depth of 3-5cm and it is found to be very effective for patients. It can be used without needles, or immediately following acupuncture, thus giving a result similar to the use of warm needles.


HT2036UK Single Head TDP Lamp 16.5cm, HT2033UK Double Head TDP Lamp 16.5

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