Meridius® 17 Piece Cupping Set

Product Code: ME17

Newly introduced Meridius cupping sets. 17 cups in total with 1 hand pistol pump, presented in a navy blue case with handle which is ideal for travelling. The blue silicon valve can be detached from the cup when sterilising, they are the most convenient cupping sets to use and to sterilize.

Set contains:

• Size 1: 8 cups, 55mm diameter, round.
• Size 2: 1 cup, 43mm diameter, contoured edge for better suction.
• Size 3: 1 cup, 41mm diameter, contoured edge for better suction.
• Size 4: 1 cup, 34mm diameter, contoured edge for better suction.
• Size 5: 1 cup, 27mm diameter, round.
• Size 5: 1 cup, 23mm diameter, triangular shape for stronger suction on small area.
• Size 6: 1 large spine cup, 72mm (length) x 54mm (wide) x 70mm (height), for massaging spine line.
• Size 7: 1 small contoured spine cup, 61mm (length) x 42mm (wide) x 65mm (height).
• Size 8: 1 tall round massage cup, 50mm diameter x 100mm length. Easy to grasp when do cupping massage.
• Size 9: 1 small contoured massage cup, 40mm diameter x 100 diameter length. Easy to grasp when do massage cupping.

The Meridius Cupping Set is without doubt one of the best on the market. This durable set is easy to use and also comes with additional contoured shapes for those hard to reach areas, which are not included in most other sets.

Based on concepts from traditional Chinese medicine, modern cupping is finding acceptance in the west as a low-risk, non-invasive treatment for a wide range of conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and cellulite.

Meridius® cupping sets come in a complete practitioner’s collection of 10 or 17 high quality polycarbonate cupping jars, including specialized shapes for the peri-spinal region, the sides of the body, and edged body surfaces.

While traditional cupping uses fire or heat to create a vacuum, our modern design features a pistol-grip hand-pump to create easy suction with finer pressure regulation.
Detachable silicone valves make our cups effortless to clean. This is a professional’s set, but the price makes it an easy investment. No fire needed. 100% suitable for a modern day practice without compromising safety.

Pin-point accuracy and convenience: Our hand-held pistol pump allows for graceful regulation of cupping pressure. Detachable silicone valves make cleaning and sterilization a breeze. The cups are made from high-durability polycarbonate plastic. The different range of shapes allow for versatile application over the entire body.

Available in either a 17pc or 10pc set.


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